Feel the Motion

Introducing the next generation of Julius Marlow O2 Motion technology.

Performance engineered business shoes inspired by sports science and governed by timeless style.

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Technology Evolution

First developed in 2006, the latest innovation resets the benchmark for men’s business shoes; a revolution inspired by sports science and governed by timeless style.

O2 Motion Air Pod

Unique air filled chamber provides energy return that propels the foot forward.

Torsion Stabiliser

Torsion system provides increased stability between the heel and forepart, and reduces weight.

Flexible Outsole

Flex channels in the forepart enhance the natural walking motion of the foot.

What’s Inside

1. Removable, anatomical footbed
2. O2 Motion air pod
3. Torsion stabilising bar
4. Flexible outsole

The next generation of Julius Marlow O2 Motion technology synthesises the strike, support and propel phases of gait mechanics. The result? Optimum walking efficiency that will allow you to cover greater distances with less energy exerted.

Enhanced Locomotion

O2 Motion technology is engineered for greater performance during key stages of the human gait mechanics.


In tan and black, Rio represents stylish minimalism with something powerful beneath the hood. The perfect dress and casual all-rounder.




A contemporary twist on a classic – Reading features eye-catching broguing on smooth black leather. Feel the motion in the new normal.




Available in tan, black and mocha, Rome is finished with a refined toe cap, perfect for dressing up or down.